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LYRICS: Masicka – Just A Minute (Lyrics)

Masicka Just A Minute Lyrics

Masicka Just A Minute Lyrics.Checkout below the official lyrics to the song “Just A Minute” performed by Masicka.


Dem a seh how mi cya see yuh
Deh ah di doc fi a minute
Keisha seh she nuh get di cock fi a minute
Kerry seh she nuh bite di snack fi a minute
Cah mi fly out ah make di cash fi a minute
Circle Portmore, stop fi a minute
Me a di crocodile, chit chat fi a minute
Couple rifle, couple criss Glock fi a minute
And mi deh deh, so di wul place lock fi a minute
Mi a-
Hey girl, can you stop fi a minute (Yeah)
Tek off yuh draws and yuh draw fi a minute
Fuck mi nonstop, lock dat fi a minute
Woulda kill you wid couple backshot fi a minute
Haffi sober, so mi get frass fi a minute
Hold up, mek mi count mi cash fi a minute
Pussy seh dem ah lead, stop dem a mimic

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