Self Controlling Man don’t take advantage of women – Vicky Zugah says

Ghanaian finest actress and socialite, one outspoken lady by name Vicky Zugah has once again disclosed the bitter truth concerning real and disciplined men who are not common these days. In-fact very hard to come by one.

Monitoring by Aacehypez.net the controversial actress and Entrepreneur and mother of two, it is only a real and well self-controlling man who will never touch a woman even if he is ‘need to’.

She made this comment during an interview with a popular Ghanaian blogger by name Zion. when she was speaking on the rise in rape cases in the country.

Zugah further explained that men should stop seeing women as attractive symbols or projects and adding that it is only self-discipline that will stop men from seeing women as such. She added

The socialite reiterated that men should be disciplined and not to blame rape cases on women for wearing provocative dresses which exposes part of their body. Women have to look good and u can’t take advantage of her because of that.

Vicky Zugah also stressed that women also have their own rights to wear what pleases them and shouldn’t be bashed for their choice of fashion and preferences
She concluded.

Source: Bigxgh,net


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